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LinkedIn Google Data Studio templates

by Luuk

Are you searching for a Google Data Studio dashboard that shows all your valuable LinkedIn statistics at a glance? Datastudioland.com made two different templates that are completely free to use: LinkedIn organic template and LinkedIn ads template. There are two requirements to use the dashboard(s): a Supermetrics license (free trial for 14 days) and of course a LinkedIn Company Page.

LinkedIn organic Google Data Studio template

The organic template shows data of LinkedIn posts that are not promoted. Besides that, the template gives valuable insights in your page statistics. It consists five subjects:

  • Follower statistics
  • Page views
  • In-depth visitor statistics
  • Post statistics
  • LinkedIn website statistics

LinkedIn Ads Google Data Studio template

This template visualizes all the data of your paid LinkedIn campaigns. Get important learnings to optimize your important ads in the future. The template consists of the subjects below:

  • Impressions & engagement results
  • Conversions & costs
  • Audience statistics

Installing the templates

The first step you need to take is to get a Supermetrics license (you can try Supermetrics with a 14 days trail). After that you need to authorize your account.

Authorize Supermetrics for LinkedIn

Authorize your Supermetrics license.

Make a copy of this report

After you completed the authorization, you can copy the dashboard. This can be done at the right top of the page. Click on the three dots and select “Make a copy”.

Copy a Google Data Studio dashboard

Copy the Google Data Studio dashboard.

Choose the right Data Studio connector and add the data into your dashboard

Now it’s time to choose the right Data Studio connectors, select the connectors below:

For the LinkedIn organic template:

  • LinkedIn Company Pages from Supermetrics
  • And Google Analytics from Google (if you want the complete dashboard)

For the LinkedIn advertising template

  • LinkedIn Ads from Supermetrics

Make sure you connect the right data, only then the data will be copied the correct way. Once set, you can click on “Copy report”. Through this way you can enjoy your beautiful dashboard in a couple of minutes. For questions you can always mail us.

LinkedIn Ads copy Google Data Studio

Select the right connectors to load all your data in the dashboard.